By Jeff Unterreiner, President, U.S. Connected Living at Assurant

Remember when smartphones were flying off the shelves? Back then, your biggest problem was keeping the hottest devices in stock. Continuous innovation made it seem like those days would never end.

Things have changed.

Your customers are no longer motivated to get a new device every year or two. In fact, our research shows smartphone shipments are down for the fifth year in a row.

But that doesn’t have to be bad news for you.

Major shifts in consumer behavior always present new opportunities. And this shift is no different. Smart wireless carriers can take advantage of this new mindset by cultivating new connections with their customers, no matter how long they hang on to their devices.

Assurant has been working with leading global carriers since before smartphones were invented. So we have a unique perspective on how to stay ahead of the market. Here are three things you can do to grow your business that don’t depend on smartphone sales.

1. Offer the best protection program.

Your customers are keeping their devices longer. So that means it’s more important than ever to keep them in good working order. Offer a comprehensive protection plan that covers accidental damage, provides multiple fulfillment options and makes claims easy for your customers.

2. Provide Premium Technical Support.

Today’s connected devices are more complex than ever. And your customers want to get the most value they can from every bell and whistle. Fully integrated, multichannel technical support is a great way to build lifelong customer loyalty.

3. Find the right business partner.

Look for a partner with a total mobile device lifecycle management solution, so you can take advantage of all the opportunities in today’s market. Global experience and a broad suite of flexible capabilities will ensure you maintain your competitive edge throughout the customer lifecycle. That’s three ideas. But there are a number of other strategies you can use to generate revenue beyond smartphone sales. Download our e-book entitled “Smarter Thinking for Mobile Device Management" for more ideas about how to take advantage of today’s mobile market.

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