A message from Alan Colberg, President & CEO, Assurant, Inc.

As our world struggles to survive the deadliest pandemic of modern times, the insidious enemy of racism again ravaged cities across the U.S. and broke our hearts as we witnessed the horrific death suffered by George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.

While Mr. Floyd’s family mourns their loss and seeks justice against the former police officers involved, protests have erupted to express collective outrage in response to this tragedy. Our Woodbury, Minn. office is about 20 miles away, and nearly 200 of our colleagues consider greater Minneapolis their home. This tragedy has hit that community hard and sparked violence that is destroying many more urban centers already struggling to survive.

The anger over this unspeakable incident has spread to other cities where many of our colleagues live and work. Hearing the words of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms as she pleaded for peace while expressing her personal fear for her son due to the color of his skin, hit home for so many of us. In Atlanta and beyond, the wisdom and prophetic insights of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. resonate deeply. We are reminded of the scores of cities that exploded with unrest deeply rooted in multiple economic, social and political factors during the summer of 1967. While seemingly long ago, but sadly, still resident today.

Wounds that are not healed have reopened. The pursuit of inclusion and the fight against racism rests with each of us to share our voices and act in ways that show respect for all.

There is no place for hate, and no place for violence. Respect and tolerance are always the right choice. We must hold tight to our values – Common Sense and Common Decency – every day, in every way.

I invite you to reflect on the struggles and pain stirred by the tragic passing of George Floyd. As you do, know that we will continue to do our part within Assurant to speak out and celebrate the differences that make us stronger, enhance the communities where we live and work, provide inclusive opportunities and take actions to safeguard the wellbeing of all of our employees.

Through our individual actions and collective commitment, we must be the change we want to see in the world – now and for the future. Sharing my hopes for peace, safety and respect for all.