The events of January 6 at the US Capitol serve as an important reminder that no matter the question, regardless of the opinion, violence is never the answer. Healthy debate and disagreement, peaceful protests and discourse – whether in government or in the corporate arena – have always allowed for voices to be heard and new ideas to emerge.  Voices, not violence, are how we affect change. At Assurant we have always supported an environment of inclusion that encourages people to speak up and have their voices heard, if they have an idea or if they see something that needs to change.   

We condemn the use of violence in any form that seeks to forward an opinion or objective through force. As a global organization that champions common decency, we must lead by example and promote open dialogue and debate, even at times when the result is not ours, and we have to agree to disagree. Voices not violence is always the way to succeed. 

Alan Colberg, President and CEO, Assurant