At Assurant, we’re proud that our global team is comprised of a broad array of individuals representing different backgrounds, ethnicities and ideologies. Our differences are often our greatest strengths, which is why we celebrate those differences and uplift the voices of our valued employees.

This National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is observed annually in the U.S. between September 15 through October 15, Assurant celebrates the heritage of its Hispanic employees and is proud of their vital contributions to the continued success of the organization.

Celebrating the largest minority group in the U.S., National Hispanic Heritage Month also recognizes the positive impact of Hispanic and Latino Americans on society while commemorating the significance of diversity. Heritage months like this one remind us of our commitment to foster a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Assurant Employee Reflections  

Through personal responses and videos, a handful of valued Hispanic and Latino Assurant employees across the globe share their insights, unique experiences and honor the people who influenced them along the way. 

Lady standing in front of landscape
Lady Principe Rivera, Accountant II
Puerto Rico 

“No matter where I go, I wanted to keep that and share my culture with others.”

As a Puerto Rican, it’s an honor to be part of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration at Assurant. It’s celebrating who you are and where you come from. No matter where I go, I wanted to keep that and share my culture with others.

I treasure the traditions we have here in Puerto Rico, for example: Three King's Day on January 6. At my house, we didn’t receive any presents on Christmas because my parents wanted us to have the Three King's celebration as a practice. My parents were very religious people and they always wanted us to cherish that. They said that tradition was real because the story was in the Bible. I always waited patiently because I knew that we were going to receive the best presents ever! 

The day before, we used to have a huge party at a cabin located in the countryside with the family. The kids running and playing near the cows, the mothers making “morcillas” in the kitchen and dads were roasting “lechón a la varita.” Those are my best memories of the Christmas holidays and my childhood. I bring back these traditions to life with my son and husband every year because I don’t want this to be lost. 

Leslie Soler, VP Regulatory Affairs
Hartford, CT 

"As I reflect upon my own contributions, I can
honestly say it is those traits that I have inherited as a
Hispanic that have molded who I am today in my professional career."

Claudia Rodriguez Angel, General Manager Assistant
Mexico City

"In Mexico, there is a specific tradition I feel that defines
my Hispanic heritage, and it is el Dia de los Muertos. It is thought that the dead,
are awakened from their eternal sleep to celebrate with their loved ones."

José D. Soto, Sr. Supervisor: Operations 
York, PA 
“What makes me the proudest about my Hispanic heritage is our drive to make the next day better than the previous one.”

Hispanic Heritage Month, to me, represents a time to reflect on the contributions of all the Latin communities residing in the United States and originating from all the corners of the Americas.

It is a time to cherish the opportunities this great nation has offered us and the many ways we have found to leave our mark. We have fought on every war and we have laid many bricks. We have worked in every factory and we have taught in every school. We embrace the American ways while adding our personal touch to enhance the overall American culture. 

What makes me the proudest about my Hispanic heritage is our drive to make the next day better than the previous one. The sense of pride for what is achieved through honest work and our ability to set good examples for our children and future generations. During this month, I am planning on celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month by driving awareness and most likely by sharing stories and anecdotes on what it is to be a Latin-American.

In my personal life, the Hispanic person I admire and has had an impact on me, would be my grandfather. My grandfather was an example of success through hard work. Through wisdom and honesty, my grandad was able to raise a large family, become financially independent and was respected by all who knew him. He led by his actions and was a man of a few words, even though he was an avid reader.   

As an employee of Hispanic descent, I can attest to the support and opportunities that my Assurant team have afforded me. I will continue to contribute to our organization with a little bit of the Latin flavor we have to offer. 

The wooden small figures
Miriam Rabell Rivera, Life Underwriter and Premium Specialist 
San Juan
“Definitively our cultural and social heritage mostly defines who we are, but in the end, we are all equal.” 

Born, raised and living in Puerto Rico, I think of Hispanic Heritage more as the traditions inherited from Spaniards established in our island. One of my favorite traditions is celebrating Three King’s day on January 6th with family gatherings and having traditional Christmas gastronomy. 

I feel proud of our Hispanic Heritage, since there are many Hispanic/Latinos that have made great impact in USA economy, with their contributions and legacy in several areas. Definitively our cultural and social heritage mostly defines who we are, but in the end, we are all equal.

The Assurant Foundation

Assurant and the Assurant Foundation are proud to support charities focused on Hispanic and Latino communities globally, both through charitable grants and volunteer engagement. We support United Way, Make-A-Wish and Red Cross agencies in multiple Latin American countries as well as charities such as:  

  • Asociación Civil Mamis Solidarias (Argentina)
  • Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation (United States)
  • CASS Centro de Assistência Social O Semeador (Brazil)
  • Hombre Naturaleza (Mexico)
  • SER Puerto Rico and Asociación Programamos (Spain) 

Through these partnerships, we align with one of the three focus areas of the Assurant Foundation -- "Inspiring: We encourage and prepare diverse talent and innovative leaders for the future.” 

To learn more about Assurant or to review open positions across the globe, visit our Assurant Careers page.