It’s official. The Warranty Group is now part of Assurant.

Every great journey begins with a single step. Today, Assurant has taken a significant step on our journey by closing our acquisition of The Warranty Group.

Many of you may know The Warranty Group as the parent company of Resource Automotive. Whether you’re already a client or considering us as a partner, one thing is certain — we will provide best-in-class service, plus a whole lot more, as we leverage the exceptional talent we’re bringing together from our two organizations. 

The road ahead

We’ve grown in size and scale, so we can invest more fully in the technology and operational capabilities that add real value. And our access to data is simply unparalleled, driving us toward the next generation in the vehicle service contract industry with more innovation, greater competitive advantage and better protection for the hundreds of millions of consumers we serve across the globe. 

Today, we’re strengthening our commitment to help you take equally significant steps in your own journeys. 

We’ll help you see further

Our expertise in vehicle products and services is unmatched. We’re also a global leader in protection and support for the connected lifestyle. Today, the lines between cars and connected devices have blurred. Our strategic position at the crossroads of these two sectors offers a progressive and expert understanding of this emerging relationship. 

We’ll help you get there first

Consumer expectations are at an all-time high. Companies are no longer compared to their competitors, but to the best customer experiences out there. Now, more than ever, staying ahead of the curve is essential to growing your business.

We’ll help you adapt as you go

In an evolving market, speed and flexibility are key. We can quickly identify risk, help optimize business processes and anticipate trends. We’re proud of our broad range of capabilities and we’re here to support you as you navigate a world of change.

A new era in the global automotive industry

Together, we now have an even stronger and more experienced automotive leadership team, fully supportive of all the distribution channels that have been fundamental to our success. And, as we continue on this journey, our 16,000 dedicated employees will work hard to be a positive force for market integrity and industry change. 

We stand now at the dawn of a new era in the global automotive industry. We anticipate a future of innovation: from new sources of fuel, to new ways of ride-sharing, to autonomous vehicles with the ability to drive us and our families. 

We feel a deep responsibility to partner with you on the road ahead as we protect the consumers we serve. Our success will not be measured by our destination, but by how we navigate the journey. 

Here’s to a great journey forward.

Alan Colberg
President and Chief Executive Officer, Assurant

Keith Demmings
President, Global Lifestyle, Assurant

John Laudenslager
President, Global Automotive, Assurant

Charlie Robinson
President, Resource Automotive, Assurant