Third-Party Administrators are more important to Assurant than ever before. In 2018, we will continue investing with our key partners across the globe to provide you with access to meaningful insights you need to make a difference, and that starts with better communication flows.

To help you get a better understanding of how our deep expertise can help you grow your relationships with dealers in 2018, it’s important to think of us as more than an underwriter. Our flexible capabilities are designed to enhance your offerings or scale quickly to meet market demand.

We can’t wait to take you backstage to our 35-year history in the motor vehicle industry, so let’s get started.

Here are 3 ways you can count on Assurant to help you make a difference this year.

See Further

While Assurant is best known as being a trusted underwriter, many of our TPAs partners also rely on our deep expertise and ability to provide richer insights into consumers, dealers and the vehicle protection market. That includes the component failure data we’ve been collecting on nearly every make and model of automobile for the past 35 years.

Did you know Assurant protects more than 14 million vehicles in 6 countries?

We combine this vast trove of vehicle information with expert actuarial analysis to develop research and data-driven products, client marketing campaigns and digital point-of-purchase materials that benefit dealers and our TPA partners.

Rest assured, Assurant can let you see further in 2018, giving you a much deeper understanding of how vehicle protection and support is evolving in a fast-changing auto market. 

Get There First

What if you had the additional horsepower to spot gaps and uncover new opportunities for your dealers?

We can leverage our proprietary data, unmatched visibility across the entire life of a vehicle and dedicated research and insights team to uncover opportunities for you and our dealer partners. And we have the resources to bring new ideas and innovations to market quickly, giving you a competitive advantage.

Did you know that Assurant is a Fortune 500 company with the financial strength to invest millions in innovations and capabilities that improve our client programs?

You can get there first in 2018 by working with a market leader with a relentless commitment to research, innovation, fresh ideas and the capital to make them become a reality.

Adapt As You Go

Let’s face it, the days of cookie-cutter solutions are over. You need something that is tailored to your needs and will help you adapt to new market trends and disruptions.

Assurant’s integration of the vehicle value chain – everything from product design to underwriting, captive management, compliance, technology platforms, sales and training, marketing, customer service and program optimization – lets you pick and choose based on your needs and the needs of your dealers

Did you know Assurant has the most comprehensive suite of vertically-integrated products, services and capabilities in the industry?

That means better, faster performance, across a broader product portfolio with fewer handoffs, resulting in less headaches for you and a better experience for your dealers and their customers.

Be on the lookout for more ways Assurant can help you make your business unstoppable in 2018.

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