Our recent research study showed that 83% of consumers think best-in-class experiences at any one company they work with raise their expectations for all companies – even when those companies are in different industries. We examined opportunities across the buying cycle and found that consumers get the most frustrated when it comes to support after they’ve made a purchase. 

Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer or internet provider, improving tech support is a popular plea. To provide a good experience for your customers, technology must work when and where customers need it. And if it doesn’t, support should be there to save the day. To keep up with consumer demand, we’ve worked with clients to expand offerings across the product lifecycle. 

Earlier this year, we expanded our technical support capabilities in metro Atlanta, GA to accommodate our plans for 335 new jobs in operations, management and technical training focused on delivering the latest technical support. At the state of the art center, Assurant employees provide solutions for set up, connection and support issues for smartphones, smart home technology and other connected devices.

Exceed Customer Expectations with the Support They Want

As consumer expectations continue to rise, and the breadth of available connected devices increases, it's of utmost importance that the experiences consumers associate with your brand are backed by top-tier tech support that goes beyond troubleshooting. The Assurant Atlanta Tech Center was designed to ensure your customers have direct access to tech support teams that not only know how to use what's available but are up to date on new releases. To continue training and promote expertise of these products, the center includes a device lab and model smart home. 

The device lab is a room filled with the latest in what we protect — everything from a range of mobile phones to every wearable you can imagine including VR headsets. Here, support technicians can interact with the technology and help troubleshoot customer issues.

There is also built out a 600 sq foot smart home that includes a living room, kitchen room and dining room with a few hundred connected devices and appliances. Here employees can get trained on the technology they support while regularly interacting and testing products. 

Investing in the Future of Technical Support

In this new center in Atlanta, GA, we're dedicated to hiring employees with the technical acumen for emerging technology that's powering consumers' growing list of devices. 

Interested in providing technical support for your customers? Contact Assurant today.