Lights out! This fervent cry shouted by parents at their children is not something you’d normally hear in the busy hallways of a corporation. But at Assurant, “Lights Out” is an initiative underway at major facilities to help reduce energy consumption. 

The goal of the “Lights Out” campaign in 2015 is to shut down all unnecessary lights in a building at the end of the work day, where safe and feasible to do so. Assurant’s Atlanta office is leading the charge following a successful test run in March. Additionally, Assurant’s New York office participated in “Earth Hour” last month, turning off non-essential lighting in offices, conference rooms and other common areas for several hours one evening over the weekend as part of a worldwide observance.

In addition to flipping the switch on nonessential lights, Assurant is finding other ways be cleaner and greener.  From using high efficiency lighting in several locations, to installing electric car charging stations on its Miami campus and solar panels in Springfield-Dayton, Ohio, these changes have led to notable improvements. And the energy savings can really add up:

  • The Company reduced electrical energy usage by 7 percent annually since 2009, equivalent to enough energy to power more than 2,000 average size homes for a year.
  • Electric vehicles can reduce the requirement for 1,262 gallons of gasoline that a standard vehicle would consume in 12 months.
  • In 2014 alone, Assurant’s solar panels reduced carbon emissions equal to taking approximately 300 gasoline powered cars off the road.

Assurant’s corporate social responsibility actions and green efforts were highlighted in the 2015 Business Roundtable Sustainability report. The report highlights the commitment of CEOs across the country to incorporate sustainability into their business practices.

“At Assurant, we’re working towards a more sustainable future by investing time and resources to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Assurant President and CEO Alan Colberg. “We’ll continue to build on our accomplishments, working harder to create better communities and a greener environment.”

Whether in the office or at home, everyone can pitch in to make changes—no matter how big or small—to protect the planet’s resources. In recognition of Earth Day, the Environmental Protection Agency offers information and suggestions for ways to get involved in helping to create a more sustainable environment for the future. 

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Develop a green thumb. Plant a tree or a garden as a group activity.
  • Get crafty. Build a bird house or bird feeder out of recycled materials.
  • Lose the excess baggage. Bring your own, reusable bag to the store to avoid wasting paper or plastic bags.

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