Company is teaching people how to make homemade gluten-free meals

It’s not easy living gluten-free. Whether you have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or simply want to cut gluten from your diet, it can mean forgoing treats such as pasta and baked goods.


Finding tasty gluten-free food is a challenge, and it was the impetus for Milwaukee entrepreneurs Casey Lanto and Ryan Konicek to create Pairdd, which is part of Blue Bananas, a startup funded by Assurant Health.

“When we talked to prospective customers, we learned that finding gluten-free ingredients at grocery stores can be frustrating. Frequently items were scattered throughout the store, or they were out of stock or people didn’t like the taste,” Lanto said. “These ingredients can be very expensive, and it’s disappointing to buy something only to find out you don’t like it.”

Currently only available in Wisconsin, Pairdd takes the hassle out of gluten-free cooking by “pairing” easy-to-make recipes with gluten-free ingredients and shipping them in insulated boxes right to customers’ doors. Preparation and cooking takes 30 to 40 minutes, and shipping is free.

“We provide taste-tested recipes, step-by-step instructions and premeasured ingredients. We make it as easy as possible to enjoy a gluten-free lifestyle,” Lanto said. “Not all our customers have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity – some simply enjoy eating delicious gluten-free food. We change up our Pairdd menus a lot, which means customers not only get variety, they can build a nice gluten-free recipe collection.”

Customers have responded enthusiastically.

“I haven't missed a week,” says Julie Corbin, a customer from Lannon, Wis. “The produce is washed, the ingredients measured and much of the prep work is done. It's so convenient - I was shocked to find that I could make a delicious gluten-free meal in such a short time.”

“Pairdd also can be a fun family activity,” Lanto said. “One parent sent us photos of their 10-year-old daughter making dinner. Others say they make our recipes with their kids, and it’s a great way to teach them to cook.”