Assurant Solutions' Extended Service Contracts Provide Peace of Mind

solutionsIn the  first decades of the twentieth century toys were simple affairs, confined to  dolls, drawing materials and Mom’s pots and pans.  Board games, introduced in the depression era  of the 30’s, continued in popularity throughout the next decade.  But the introduction of the television in the  1950s changed everything, and the obsession for electronic entertainment was  born.

Today,  young children entertain themselves with smartphones, tablets and computers,  grasping the necessary techniques with relative ease. But despite the  extraordinary finger dexterity they display, when curious little hands grab  their parent’s gadgets, the chance of a damaging accident to these expensive  items multiplies. An extended service contract can help ease parental worries  about the safety of the family’s expensive electronic toys whether it is being  used as a play thing by a child or the communication tool of choice of a teen.

“A recent report found forty percent  of all smartphone users in the United States were 12-17 year-olds. According to Nielsen, those teens were sending or receiving almost 3,339  texts a month. Not only can that be hard on the fingers, it can be hard on the  device,” says Joe Erdeman, president of Assurant Solutions extended service protection business. “That’s  why it makes sense to protect electronic gadgets with an extended service contract.  These  plans go above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that your  product continues to perform as it should and provide valuable peace of mind to  parents and their children.”

Extended service contracts differ depending on the product  and the terms of the contract, but Erdeman explains that typical plans provide  for normal wear and tear as well as accidental damage. In addition, many  protection plans for technology products include value-added services such as  tech support, 24/7 customer service, repair or replacement.

“As technology has improved, we have been  conditioned to have instant access to information and the latest technology at  our fingertips,” Erdeman said. “Assurant Solutions offers contracts that  provide remote customer service via phone and online chat to give customers  instant access to the help they need wherever they may be.”

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